About Kishanganj

Denoted with the metaphor "Clean City of Bihar," city of Kishanganj is a fastest growing semi-urban conglomeration in the Bihar state. This city serves as District headquarters of Kishanganj District whose total population, as recorded in 2011 India census, is 107,076 out of which male and female population comprised of 55,688 and 51,388 respectively. Inhabitants of this district usually speak Bhojpuri, Surjapuri and Bengali languages besides sizeable number of them speaking Hindi and Urdu. Regional Surjapuri language dominates on the rest languages in rural areas where large chunk of masses speak that regional language.

About Kishanganj

Recent census also brought into limelight growth in education sector in Kishanganj that can be seen through its 74.71% literacy rate out of that Male and Female literacy rates are 79.84% and 69.13% respectively. This district comprises of one Sub-division Kishanganj and seven blocks of it are Bhahadurganj, Dighalbank, Kishanganj, Kochadhaman, Pothia, Terhagachha and Thakurgunj.

Brief History of Kishanganj

Kishanganj once was part of Nepal. This region was famous by its old name Nepalgarh at that time. The then local administrator of this region, Mohammed Reza captured the Nepalgarh Fort once he got support from Mughal emperors. He renamed this area to Alamganj after capturing it. At one point of time the region was ruled by Nawab Jainuddin Hussain Mirza who own the credit of giving fine look to this city.

Valuable informations on Kishanganj

Present day Kishanganj District was carved out from undivided Purnea District of Bihar on January 14, 1990 while state's district re-organization process had materialized. Kishanganj remains a major district out of the 38 districts of this state. Administered from Kishanganj city itself, the district is still under the Purnea Division of Bihar. The city has unique identity of national value due to being an integral part of "Indian map's chicken neck." It is served under Kishanganj Lok Sabha constituency whose four Assembly constituencies are Bahdurganj, Thakurganj, Kishanganj and Kochadhaman seats.

Geography and Climate of Kishanganj 

Kishanganj District is surrounded by nearby districts of Araria in the western side, southwestern border of it surrounded through Purnea District while its eastern and northern sides share their borders with the Uttar Dinajpur and Darjeeling Districts of West Bengal. At one point Kishanganj literally separates the country from Bangladesh and Nepal through a narrow strip of West Bengal at mere 20 kilometers. This District observes three main seasons of summer, winter and monsoon and so does its own the fertile land due to presence of several rivers including Mechi, Mahananda, Kankai, Donk and Ratua, Ramzan Sudhani, Mahesh Bathna, Kishanganj, Retwa, Phoolbari and Thakurganj Rivers. Read More.......

Places to Visit in Kishanganj

Kishanganj is a small town and most areas of this district are rural and semi-urban establishment. Both urban and rural areas of this district have several unique places which captivate the attention of potential visitors. Some most visited places in the district are:-

Information on Kishanganj

  • Barne Tea Garden
  • Islampur Park
  • Devkotta Park
  • Children's Museum
  • Laxmimarga Wildlife
  • Magadh Tea Garden
  • Takla Tea Garden
  • Ocean Park and Resort
  • Mango Park
  • Goagoan Naya Hat
  • Hrideyendra Bal Udhyan Park
  • A N Shopping Mall
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Stadium
  • Nehru Shanti Park
  • Dangi Football Ground
  • Kishanganj Cloth Markets
  • Phoolbari Markets
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    Festivals in Kishanganj

    Like several other religious festivals organized in the region, Kishanganj is known for organizing the jubilant religious festivals such as regional Chatth Parv celebrated with enthusiasm & joy; most of the Hindu festivals and equally is seen the joviality during the period of Eid and Christmas in urban as well as rural areas of this region.

    Art & Culture in Kishanganj

    All about Kishanganj

    Mainly rural region with a limited portion of urban and semi-urban establishments, Kishanganj is known for local traditions, art and its unique culture. Its inhabitants are unsuspectingly honest and mostly involve in farming activities. Small industrial developments are also seen here. This region is also famous for handicrafts and local cultural richness that keep the area apart. Read More........

    Transportation in Kishanganj

    Kishanganj Railway Station is a crucial railway halt coming under Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR). This railway station maintains special status of a railhead linked to several metropolitan cities and semi-urban localities of India through railways. Several express trains run on a route which connects northeastern region with Kishanganj and other major and minor Indian cities including cosmopolitan Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum and Guwahati amongst others.

    Transportation in Kishanganj

    National Highway 31 connects this city with entire northeastern region besides rest areas through the roadways. What keeps this city fascinating is positioning of National Highway 31 which runs along with the railway line and is usually operated by chain of flyovers while it crosses Kishanganj. The Highway has distinction of being one of the busiest Indian highways nowadays. The city is served by airways through nearest airport, Bagdogra Airport located in the adjoining West Bengal's Darjeeling District located at a distance of approximately 90 kilometers. Read More.......

    Economy and Industrialism in Kishanganj

    With the total area of 1,884 km2, Kishanganj District has attained impeccable distinction through becoming the only district of Bihar where organized tea plantation has begun. Such initiatives were encouraged in the region in the last few decades. Apart from tea plantation the region has witnessed setting up of some agro based industries meant for alleviating the economic status of this region in Bihar. This area is an extremely sensitive one due to the nearness of its border to Bangladesh and Nepal in both sides. Neighboring state West Bengal's Uttar Dinajpur and Darjeeling districts share their borders with Kishanganj. Read More......

    Kishanganj at a glance

    Country: India
    State: Bihar
    District: Kishanganj
    Location: 26°04'46'N 87°56'14'E
    PIN: 855101 to 855117
    Telephone Code: 91 06456
    Official Language: Hindi

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