Business and Economy of Kishanganj

Until half a century ago Kishanganj hardly had any infrastructure to escalate its economy. It was after the trifurcation of erstwhile Purnia District to carve out Kishanganj that this region welcomed tremendous development in the small scale industry sector. Kishanganj still remains an agriculturally enriched region of Bihar since centuries. Its land best suits to various types of crops. Today many factories and industries have developed in Kishanganj including jute mill, tea processing units and rest industries of small nature to pave the way for fast economic growth.Respective governments have taken initiatives to setup industrialization besides increasing trade and business in Kishanganj over the period.

Kishanganj Economy

One can see agro based and art & craft industries besides wooden product manufacturing and supply units in different parts of the district that play crucial role to help grow its economy for sustainability. Economic growth of this district could also be analyzed ever since ready-made garments trade and business established here.

Agro Industries and Jute Mills of Kishanganj

Business and Economy of KishanganjAgriculture contributes too much to help Kishanganj to sustain its economy and give a bright future to its inhabitants. Farmers produce rice, wheat, pulses and different types of vegetables in the farming lands. These lands are best suitable to produce above mentioned crops besides mustard and numerous other fruit items. Inhabitants therefore not only maintain their lifestyles from farming but also contribute to local level small scale agro industries by selling their produce to contribute in district’s economic growth through industrialization. Ginger, turmeric and garlic are other main cash crop additions produced in bulk.
As Kishanganj District is one of the best jute producing regions in Bihar, large scale jute is produced in this region. Recently a jute mill has been established in Kishanganj city to process jute items to prepare various products from jute. The city still lacks in its infrastructure so industrialization remains slow. Some factories have been established and many more are in the pipeline which is expected to boost the economy of this region.

Industrialization and Manufacturing Units in Kishanganj

With the establishment of several industries and manufacturing units in Kishanganj, economic avenues have been increasing here. The district has plywood factories, tea processing plants, jute mills and poultry farms which make this area self-sustainable through ample share into the economic growth. Cottage industries have also developed in this region. Recent initiatives in industrialization and trade are through silk animal husbandry units and agro based manufacturing units to turn the area into a busy commercial hub. Recently building material manufacturing units too have been developed in Kishanganj. Other industries which have come into notice include furniture manufacturing industry, readymade garment industries and glassware amongst others. Few commercial automobile service units are also seen in the district headquarters.

Trade and Commerce in Kishanganj

Economy of Kishanganj has best contribution from service sector especially various types of trade and businesses. Such businesses have played key roles in increasing trade and commerce in this region. Processing industries like tea processing, jute processing, handicrafts and manufacturing especially furniture and other items have contributed extensively to increase the economy of this district. Both wholesale and retail trade and businesses involve good number of inhabitants. Good chunk of population therefore maintain their lifestyle through working in the small and bigger establishments that deal into agro, readymade, service sector and many other trade businesses.

Wholesale market of Kishanganj is known for food grains and other commodities supply and sale. Large chunk of people are employed there in such businesses. Being an agriculturally enriched district, the city of Kishanganj has already emerged into a big center for supplying and business of agricultural produce from wheat to rice to maize, oil seeds & pulses to green peas amongst others.

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